Project 1: Knowledge transfer across disciplinary boundaries

(Sjang ten Hagen)

Project 1 will investigate the transfer of cognitive goods in the context of more or less stable disciplinary boundaries. It will first of all focus on exchanges between the disciplines of historiography and physics/astronomy, in particular their relations at the level of methods, formalisms, concepts and the use of argumentative/demonstrative techniques.

Central Scientific's 1939 Map of Physics
Central Scientific’s 1939 Map of Physics

Project 2: Cognitive goods unbound

(Emma Mojet)

Project 2 researches the role and impact of cognitive goods when clear disciplinary boundaries are absent. This manifests itself when disciplines are in a process of formation, and hence are gradually seeking to secure a place in the academic system. In this respect the project will focus on three connected case studies taken from the history of linguistics, psychology and cognitive science.


Project 3: The longue durée of ‘structure’ and ‘structuralism’

(Bart Karstens)

Project 3 researches the long-term career of the notions of ‘structure’ and ‘structuralism’. ‘Structure’ is an important explanatory concept in almost all fields of study. ‘Structuralism’, as an overall approach to phenomena, plays a role in these fields as well. Beyond that structuralism has also acquired the status of a meta-science. All this suggests that both concepts are fundamental to modern science. Yet, in spite of their importance, many aspects of both concepts are still poorly understood. A focus on the transfer of cognitive goods promises to yield a better understanding of their origin in scientific discourse and changes in meaning and scope of application.