The book Epistemic Virtues in the Sciences and the Humanities has been published with Springer, in the Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science series.

Contributions to this volume explore relations between the sciences and the humanities through the prism of (shared) epistemic virtues. A number of flows are discussed as well. Contributions by project members include:

Jeroen van Dongen, ‘The Epistemic Virtues of the Virtuous Theorist: On Albert Einstein and His Autobiography’

Bart Karstens,’ “The Lonely Form Dies”: How Epistemic Virtues Connect Roman Jakobson’s New Science of Lanuage and His Personality.’


At the 7th Making of Humanities conference of the Society for the History of Humanities to be held 28-30 September in Oxford we will again present our research in a panel session, with special focus on our findings with respect to the humanities. For a preliminary program please click here.

On August 29 2017 Bart Karstens will give a presentation at the 14th ICHOLS meeting in Paris on the emergence of linguistic structuralism from a Dutch perspective.

We will present our research in a panel session devoted to our project at the 7th bi-annual meeting for the History of Science in the Low Countries to be held in Woudschoten (Zeist) at 23-24 June 2017. Conference details and preliminary programme can be found here .

On June 15 2017 Emma Mojet gave a presentation titled ‘Interdisciplinary Discipline Formation: The Origins of General Linguistics’ at the inaugural meeting of the new Vossius Circle for the History of Linguistics.

On April 12 2017 Sjang ten Hagen will contribute to the First Teylers Meeting on the History of Astronomy and Physics held at the Teylers Museum in Haarlem.

On April 7 2017 Rens Bod contributed to the workshop ‘A Fresh Look Backwards: ‘Scholarly Forgetting’ in the History of the Classics’ at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

On March 8 2017 Bart Karstens contributed to the expert blog ‘ History and Philosophy of the Language Sciences’ with a post on the relation between musicology and structuralist linguistics. Please find the post here.

Emma Mojet en Sjang ten Hagen participated in the 6th History of Science Ph.D. conference held in De Glind (Gdl.) on January 12-13, 2017. Please access the conference booklet here.

Bart Karstens gave a presentation in Brussels, 24 november 2016, titled ‘Liquid Present, Liquid Past’. The symposium reflected on ‘historiography of science for the 21st century’. For the full program of the symposium please click here.